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The Ashbourne Baseball Club is embarking on an exciting project to establish a top class baseball facility in Ashbourne, Co Meath.  This thriving established club, with a strong management team and coaching staff, wants to take the next step in its development by establishing a permanent base that will offer a valuable sports and leisure amenity to Ashbourne community and surrounding areas of Meath and Dublin counties.
Amount raised so far: $ 4463.04

Cheques can also be sent to Sean Mitchell: Highfield, Pluckhimin Cross, Garristown, Co Dublin.

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Baseball is a highly inclusive international sport, appealing to both sexes, all age groups and ability levels and we’ve proven the appeal in the Ashbourne area over the past three years by continuing to grow the club and achieve our development objectives.  Baseball offers a great additional alternative sport to the youth of Ashbourne and the surrounding areas to actively engage young people in productive physical and social activities.

A high class facility in the Ashbourne area will enable us to attract teams from all over Ireland, north and south, already competing in established leagues into the Ashbourne area and will also enable us to support international visits, hosting teams from America and Europe and bringing tourist trade to the area.Our project budget has been calculated to be $400,000. 

We have a committed group of local volunteers administering the club with a proven track record of fundraising and successful management.  We already have government and local business support for the project, including grant and sponsorship funding. We have a Project Manager with baseball field construction experience already in place and we’re ready to commence immediately in order to have the facility operational for the 2013 season.  

Without funding assistance, we will be unable to invest in the development of this facility and would be forced to leave the facility as a bare field.
Just 20 minutes from Dublin airport, and served by the N2 Motorway, in an area of huge urban growth, Ashbourne is in an ideal location for a top class baseball facility in Ireland.

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The Ashbourne Baseball Club was founded in 2009 and has been growing strongly ever since.  Boys and girls aged from 5 to 15 have been enjoying baseball with the club both recreationally and in competitive leagues where we’ve emerged on the scene as a force to be reckoned with.  The club is supported by a great coaching team and team of volunteers who have an ambitious vision for the club’s continued growth.

Having a permanent base with a properly developed baseball field is seen as key for taking the club onto the next stage of growth and we’ve negotiated access to a field that’s perfect for a baseball facility.  The field is owned by the Ashbourne Community Council and is adjacent to the Ashbourne Community School.  The Community Council are very supportive of our efforts to develop this site into an international standard baseball facility that will bring great benefits to the community.

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Ashbourne Baseball Club

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